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Next to you, they’re the people your pet can’t live without!

Our pets are part of the family – we love them, and they love us back.

Your veterinary team are the ‘other important people’ in your pet’s life. So let’s get to know them a little better.

In this space, we help you to understand the realities of being a vet, address some common misconceptions – and provide tips on how to be your vet’s favourite client!

You can also send a message of thanks to all the wonderful veterinary teams out there.

Understand your vet

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a vet? What are the daily realities – the best parts of the job, and the hardest? And what kind of training is required. Check out these resources.

How to be a great client

There are lots of ways – big and small – that you can support your vet when looking after your pet. We bring you the insider’s tips and tricks on how to become one of your vet’s favourite clients!

Ways to manage costs

Being a responsible pet parent does cost money – there’s no way around that! We explain why vet bills can sometimes feel expensive, and provide some useful tips on managing the cost.


I appreciate my vets SO much. They really listen, and have never become complacent (we are frequent fliers in the vet sense!) I love their care and compassion.


Bunnykins my S.P.C.A special was given her chance to live and get a furrever home. Thanks to vets who help rescue centres.

Steve M

Only a face his mother could love. Thanks to our Vet team for keeping Kenny on track!


Our vets are bloody brilliant. I try and tell them all the time. You can see how much they care and for that I am so thankful.