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Your vet cares.

Let’s care back.

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Every day, across New Zealand and Australia, veterinary teams are working hard to keep our animals healthy and happy. It’s more than a job for them — they do it because they love animals and want to make a difference.

So it’s alarming to hear that an increasing number of vets are suffering from burn-out. Pressure from the public is making a demanding job even more stressful. We want to turn that tide. Vets everywhere deserve a shout-out for the amazing work they do.

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So let’s hear it for vets!

Share your support message here.

It’s encouraging to know your hard work is appreciated. So take a minute now to post a short message of support to be shared with vets all around New Zealand and Australia. Let’s remind our vets just how much we value them.

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Help your vet to help you.

When your pet or stock are unwell, it’s easy to get anxious or stressed. But giving your vet a hard time isn’t the answer. Here’s how you can make life easier for you and your vet:

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Value their expertise

Your vet is a highly-trained expert — who only has your pet’s best interests at heart.

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Value their services

Vet bills can sometimes seem high, but there’s a lot that goes into providing the best care. Talk to your vet if you’re worried about costs, there are always options. Having pet insurance is ideal.

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Be kind

Being patient and polite helps your veterinary team to care for your pet (and have a great day at work).

Watch out for our next video, Ways to say ‘thank you’ to you vet’. It’s coming soon!

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