How to be a great client

How to resolve an issue the right way

Your clinic team comes to work each day wanting to help animals (and keep their owners happy as well!)

But as happens in any business, customer complaints do arise from time to time. We explain what to do (and what not to do) if something is bothering you.


Talk with the Practice Manager. Most clinics have a practice manager, and it’s part of their job to resolve any issues or problems. They’re the best person to talk to, and they will liaise with the veterinary team for you. (Depending on the clinic, they might have a different title e.g clinic manager, team leader, senior nurse etc).

Bring up any concerns straight away. The sooner you raise the issue, the sooner things can get sorted.

Ask lots of questions. Most issues arise from a simple misunderstanding. If you’re not sure about something, please ask. Your veterinary team will be happy to explain.

Get clear on the costs. Most clinics will ask you to sign a Consent Form before your pet undergoes a procedure. This should outline the estimated costs (usually a range). Make sure you read it, so you know what to expect.


Remember, everything in your vet bill is there for a reason. To understand what we mean, see our article “What’s the #1 myth about veterinary care.”


Act rudely towards front-desk staff. Complaining loudly at the front desk is not the way to do things. Instead, ask politely to speak to the Practice Manager (see above) – they will talk with you in private.

Be a keyboard warrior. This is the worst thing you can do. It gets you nowhere, and the harmful effects are very real. Even if you don’t name the clinic, it’s disheartening for the veterinary profession as a whole.

Forget that we’re all only human. Everyone at your clinic is working extremely hard, often under high pressure, to do the best job possible. As our vet says in the video, “we already have such high expectations of ourselves…that’s why it hits us so hard when there’s a complaint.” Please bear that in mind.