How to be a great client

The little things your vet team appreciates

Keep your appointment time.

Most vet clinics are very busy with a packed day of appointments scheduled. If you can’t make your appointment for some reason, that’s okay, but don’t be a ‘no-show’. Let your vet clinic know as soon as possible, so they can offer your slot to another patient.


There’s an easy way to schedule a longer appointment with your vet e.g when there’s a lot to discuss. The standard appointment time is usually 15 minutes, but most clinics allow you to book (and pay for) a double-slot of 30 minutes.

Be patient.

In many ways, a vet clinic is similar to a human hospital. Sometimes an emergency case is rushed through the door, and it’s all hands on deck to provide life-saving treatment. Or a routine check turns into a more serious diagnosis, which needs more time to investigate.

This can sometimes cause delays for other patients in the waiting room. Just remember, if it was your pet in the situation above, you’d want others to be understanding. 


If you’re short on time, and you don’t need to be present for the actual appointment, most clinics provide a ‘day-stay’ option. For a small extra charge, you can drop your pet off before work and pick them up again after work.

Be understanding.

Your vet is a true professional, but they’re also human. You never know what they’ve dealt with prior to your appointment – maybe they’ve had to euthanise a patient and comfort a grieving owner.

Coming in with kindness, and acknowledging your vet with a simple ‘how are you’ could make all the difference.

Be courteous to front-desk staff.

The front-desk staff are the backbone of a well-run veterinary clinic – they’re the reassuring voice at the end of the phone, and the people who make you and your pet feel welcome. 

Unfortunately, they are sometimes first-in-line when it comes to disrespectful or demanding members of the public. This behaviour is never acceptable.

Please treat all front-desk staff like the superstars they are!