Understand your vet

Why every vet is a superstar

Have you ever stopped to think just how special your veterinarian is? Here are 3 reasons, just for starters:

They’re multi-skilled.

Your vet is one super-skilled medical expert in one! They’re a surgeon, radiologist, dentist, pathologist, pharmacist, cardiologist, reproductive specialist, dermatologist, oncologist, physiotherapist, and more.

They know how to treat multiple species.

A vet trained to diagnose and treat many different species of animals – and they all have different physiologies, problems and treatment protocols. (While a human doctor only learns about one!)

They diagnose problems for patients that can’t talk.

Animals can’t explain what’s wrong, and they often try to hide any pain, injury or weakness – it’s part of their survival instinct. Your veterinarian brings next-level problem-solving skills to the table.

Fun fact

It’s often said that “it’s harder to get into vet school than med school”. We can’t find any studies to settle this question either way. But it’s true there are far fewer veterinary schools than medical schools around the world, so it may be more competitive to get in.

Check out this YouTube video where two American brothers compare their professions. They’re both called Dr Cellini, they’re both Board-certified specialists — but one is a human doctor, and the other is a veterinarian!